The Best of Babylon 5
by Christopher Franke (Soundtrack)

A collection of favorites, selected from all 5 seasons of the Babylon 5 TV series. Also a 6 minute Bonus Theme. This includes tracks from the Sonic Images CDs: B5-Vol.1,B5-Vol.2 and episodes Severed Dreams, Shadow Dancing, A Late Delivery from Avalon, Z’Ha’Dum, Walkabout and Sleeping in Light. This CD was so far only available as a special introductary teaser for the now cancelled Babylon 5 Game, when you bought products from Sierra Online. The ‘Bonus Theme’ was written by Christopher Franke for the Babylon 5 Game.

# Title Time Listen
1 Main Title 2nd Season 1:27 mp3
2 The Geometry of Shadows III 3:39
3 Sheridan & Father 2:37
4 Mobilization 1:43
5 The Big Battle 5:26
6 The Signal 2:11
7 Awakening 1:45
8 Countdown 0:32
9 Main Title 3rd Season 1:28 mp3
10 Into the Abyss 8:46
11 Begin to Attack the Shadows 0:50
12 Emergency Treatment 0:34
13 The Geometry of Shadows II 3:15
14 The Geometry of Shadows I 5:41 mp3
15 Main Title 4th Season 1:41 mp3
16 Main Title 5th Season 1:32
17 Dying Station 2:34
18 Bonus Theme 6:09

Album Cover

Sonic Images Records
Sep 11, 2001

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Composed by Christopher Franke
Performed by Christopher Franke and the Berlin Symphonic Film Orchestra
Conducted by Alan Wagner
Recorded and produced by Edgar Rothermich
Mastered by Chas Ferry
Music supervisor Rudy Panke
Art direction, Design Doerte Lau